Brain child of mine, that is, Raghunadh – Director of the Flogre International, has blossomed into something, called Flogre International, a small section of Nature nurturers. We are building our stance strong in the world of beauty, colors, fragrance, and an iota of Nature, in short called “Flowers.” I am partnered by Ms. Manga Tai, whose knowledge and expertise has helped to bring this idea and nurture it further.

We are here to grow and procure flowers from across the country and the globe to give the best blooms from the lot to our customers. Flogre International dons the hats of explicit exporters and elite growers. We love to be engaged in all the variants of flora, but we are taking baby steps by picking these Premium Fresh Cut: Gerbera, Carnations, Gladiolus, Roses, and Jasmine, as our first steps toward the florist industry. We also take deep interest in growing flowers like Gerbera and Carnation. These blooms are grown on a farming area spread across three-acres at Pocharam. The flowers are grown in a poly house using the updated floriculture techniques and safety measurements.


The beautiful and variant flora and fauna that we see daily is gift that is nurtured well by the mother nature to us. All we have to do is take proper care of these little species.

The same interest and care to grow flowers and beautify in our backyard has outgrown as a passion to spread the fragrance and the colors worldwide. From being a small gardener, my fascination for the blossoms increased from one flower to a varied number of flowers and now making my firm Flogre International noted as one of the finest grower on the National charts.


  • »  Growing exotic flowers like Gerbera and Carnation flowers
  • »  If not sufficient procuring export quality flowers like Gerbera, Carnations, Tube Rose, Gladiolus, Lilliums and Jasmine directly from the farmers in India and other countries too.
  • »  Maintaining quality temperatures throughout until the product is delivered either National or International level
  • »  State of the Art packaging to maintain the freshness and fragrance of the flowers
  • »  On time delivery with optimized pricing


One of our fortes apart from being in Floristry is, Exports. Reaching out to the different clients at every corner of the globe is a mission we would love to accomplish. We take immense pride in telling that our clients so far are very impressed by our standards of quality and maintenance the effervescence of the flowers. Flogre International has a team of experts who have been in the floriculture industry for long. Their expertise is put at great use in maintaining the bright and beautiful flowers’ color and fragrance intact until it reaches the client’s destination.


A fresh flower symbolizes beauty, vibrancy, fragrance and to keep its aura intact, quality maintenance should be the foremost step. Our strategy for delivering fresh flowers without them losing their exotic fragrance is by:

  • »  Carefully short list the flowers
  • »  Following reliable International industry
  • »  Ensuring efficient transporting
  • »  State of the art quality packaging methods

Apart from following the above checklist, grow the delicate blossoms under extremely hygienic conditions and controlled temperatures by adhering to the International standards and the regulations laid by the Department of Horticulture and APEDA.

Second part of the quality check is done by an outsourced team of Quality Inspectors. This step is taken to doubly ensure that the flowers are ready to be exported.


The series of steps cohere into a successful delivery only when the products are elegantly packed without compromising on the quality. Parceling/Packaging of the flowers is done using the latest and safest packaging techniques so that the flowers are prepared well for the shipments. Each flower requires a special treatment and a special packaging which our team completely understands and follows.


Flogre International has an outgrowing list of clientele every year and many dedicated and delighted customers because: “We do not compromise.” Saying this, we go to an extent to procure or import the exotic flowers from any corner of the world and timely deliver it to the client without compromising either the quality or the precision.